A Baby & Her Dog

A Baby & Her Dog

Hi everyone! It’s Lori on the blog today sharing a layout I made with our Love & Adore collection.

When this collection was designed, I immediately fell in love with the fun, playful designs as well as the gorgeous florals and accents. I’ve been so excited to work with this product line; I didn’t even wait for Valentine’s Day! That’s one thing that’s so great about this collection. You’re not limited to using it for only Valentine’s photos. The papers and embellishments also work well for documenting other special relationships in your life.


My six-month-old daughter, Kya, and my 5-year-old yellow lab, Sadie, adore each other. From the day we brought Kya home from the hospital, Sadie has been by her side watching over her and protecting her. Now that Kya is rolling around and babbling, you can always find Sadie trying to creep up to her and kiss her sweet cheeks. Sadie is patient and tolerates Kya’s pawing at her, and Kya is fascinated by her furry friend. This relationship is very special, and I wanted to document how early it started.

Did I reach for dog-themed paper? Nope? Baby themed? No way! This page was about their love for each other, so Love & Adore was the perfect collection to use.

One night as Kya and Sadie were lying on a blanket together, I snapped a series of photos.  I posted a few of my favorite pics to Instagram using the Layout option that allowed me to upload multiple pictures into one collage.

I didn’t want to print 4 individual photos for this layout, so I used the Instagram collage to make an impact and save space on my page. To print this photo, I simply uploaded the Instagram photo and printed it onto 4”x6” borderless, glossy photo paper. I got the impact of multiple pics on my layout without the hassle--and the small pictures each tell a story about the relationship I’m documenting.

I typically shy away from using big, graphic backgrounds as the base of my layout. Since I’m more of a clean-lines type of scrapbooker, these patterned papers always intimidated me. Don’t let these bold designs scare you! If you anchor your photos and elements with a few strips of patterned paper and stick to designing around those strips, the layout will feel coordinated and the bold design can play a secondary role to your photo and embellishments.

As you can see in my design, there are 3 strips of patterned paper adhered to the bottom third of the page. My photo, my journaling block, and all of my embellishments are “grounded” on the layout because they are touching each other or the strips of paper.

Part of the fun of using this Love & Adore collection is seeing the many different ways you can use the beautiful product. So what are you waiting for--Valentine’s Day? Don’t wait! Document a special relationship today!