August in my Carpe Diem Reset Girl Planner

August in my Carpe Diem Reset Girl Planner

Howdy friends!  It's Layle with you today to share how I've set up my new  Reset Girl ballerina planner for August!

It's so much fun moving into a new planner, I'm super excited about my new set up & getting refocused on being organized.

One of my favorite things to do in my planners is to decorate the pockets.  

For me it's a matter of form AND function - I like the pockets to look fun, gives me a little motivation each time I open it up :)  But then I also like to put things in the pockets that are functional.  For example, the Page Flags are designed to fit in the interior pockets - love that!  They're cute sticking out of the pockets, and they're right there when I need them. I'm loving the window pocket on the Reset Girl planners - that extra pop of color & motivational message is awesome!

Another thing I like to do is to have a card of washi tape tucked into a pocket so I have washi on the go.  

They're super easy to make!  I start with a regular old playing card as a base.  As long as it has a wax coating, which most playing cards do, you're good to go.  Then I pick some washi and wind it around the card a few times. The wax coating on the card makes it so the washy easily peels off when you need it.  In this case I added a little tab to the top to give it a little bit more decoration and there you have it!

Adding a clear sticker to the planner itself is another quick & easy way to add a little pizazz to your planner.  

After decorating the interior pockets, I moved on to decorating the August monthly spread.  The Reset Girl washi tape and the Insta Quote stickers were my favorite products to use for decorating.  The number stickers I used sporadically to date the squares are actually from the Carpe Diem Posh collection; it's A-OK to mix & match!

Under the Notes section on the far right, I've used the Mini Monthly Calendar Stickers - they're dated so it's nice to have that little calendar right there when I'm dating the squares on the spread.  Below that I've used the insides of the hole reinforcer stickers (from the Planner Basics Stickers) to highlight a couple of key things I need to do this month.

To fill up several of the empty boxes/days, I repeatedly stamped a few phrases - 

Because I use the Daily Inserts in my planner, I usually only have inserts for the current month and next month so it's not too full.  The only problem with doing that is where to write things that undoubtedly come up for future months.  I solve that by using a sheet from the Bookmark Tablet for every month.  Here I have my list going for October.  

The sheet sits right after the October monthly spread.  I've added one of the Mini Monthly Calendar stickers, then I just list things I know I have coming up that month.  When I sit down to start planning for that month and prepare my monthly spread, I have all of things I know I need to add at my fingertips.

So there you have it, how I've set up my planner for August and a few of the tips & tricks I use when planning!  :)