April Planning + Documenting Life

April Planning + Documenting Life

Hello, Hello :)

Candi here today and I am going to show you a few peeks inside my April planner pages as well as a few extras!  First things first...set up my month on two pages all filled in with numbers for each day, embellishments and jot down my important to-do's!  I just love how this turned out!  I grabbed different numbers from several different embellishment packs.  I am taking a vacation at the end of the month and I blocked it off with several stripes of the washi paper tape.

On the back side of the month on two pages is a month in review...I filled out a few things and left some spots open since it's only mid-April.  

I took a pocket page from the Vertical Pocket Pages Variety Pack and added a few of my favorite washi paper tape sheets...love having that right at my finger tips when I am jotting down notes and plans!


For April I am using the weekly planner inserts and I forgot to start my week on this side that you see here...instead of leaving it empty I covered it up with a few sheets from the 6x6 Life Documented Paper Pad and added a 3x4 card from the 2015 Card Set.

Here are my first two weeks in April.  I am one to use embellishments and stickers all over my planner pages...makes planning extra fun and it kinda makes you want to do the not so great things on your to-do list :)

I took Amber's awesome tip and added my printables inside a 6x8 pocket page.  I adhered two printables back to back and added a tab so it's easy to pull in and out of the pocket page.  I really love the March Free Printables because I hate to clean and hopefully this will get me on track to do little tasks throughout the week instead of spending so much time on the weekends!  
YES, I am behind on my pocket pages and YES, I am ok with this!!!  I am ok with it because of the Life Documented Planning Inserts...I know I sound like I am on repeat all the time, but these inserts really are a HUGE lifesaver for me!  Here is week 5 - I have everything written down...all of my photos and memorabilia are slipped into a 6x8 pocket page until I am ready to dive in!  
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek inside my Life Documented Planner!  
I hope you all have a great weekend!
Happy Planning...