6x8 Designer Binders

6x8 Designer Binders

Howdy friends!  It's Layle here with you today to share a few ideas on how I'm using our new 6x8 Designer Binders.  Unlike our SN@P! Binders & Albums, these Designer Binders are a blank canvas - they don't include pocket pages so you can really use them for anything you'd like!  These lovelies just started shipping to retailers last week, so they should be in stores now :)

The Binders are available in 4 colors - robin's egg, yellow, pink and black.  Some of those colors may look familar to you...

The robin's egg, pink and black are perfect matches for those colors of our Carpe Diem planners!  That's how I'm using a few of them, to help me stay organized with my planning :)

Using the Designer Binder to Store Planner Inserts - I'm using the robin's egg Designer Binder to store my Carpe Diem daily inserts; because the 2 rings in these binders line up perfectly with the middle holes in the A5 inserts (Carpe Diem as well as ANY A5 inserts!).  I take them out of my planner once the month is over and file them away by month.

I printed the year out on my label maker & adhered it to the spine for easy identification when it's sitting on the shelf.  To keep the daily inserts grouped together by month, I added the monthly dividers from the Life in Color Planner Set.


Using the Designer Binder to Store Stickers - I'm using the pink binder for sticker storage.

I added 4 different pocket page configurations to store my stickers in - the 4x6 Vertical Pocket Pages, the 4x6 Pocket Pages, the 6x8 Pocket Pages and the 3x4 Pocket Pages.  I used the 4x6 Vertical Pocket Pages for the majority of my Carpe Diem stickers.

I was able to fit 8 sheets of stickers in each of the 4x6 Vertical Pocket Pages; with 10 of them in a package, that's 80 stickers in those little guys!  I added some additional stickers in the 4x6 Pocket Pages.

I added some larger stickers to the 6x8 Pocket Pages and some smaller stickers to the 3x4 Pocket Pages.  


Using the Designer Binder to Store Dividers - One of my favorite things to make for my planner are custom dividers.  I'm using the black Designer Binder to store those when I'm not using them in my planner.

I use custom dividers in the back of my planner, after the months, for various topics.  I trim scrapbook paper to the standard A5 size, adhere two pieces back to back, punch the holes, punch & adhere tabs and voila - your own personalized dividers.

At the back of the binder I added the Carpe Diem Pouch where I store some punched tabs, clear stickers for labeling the tabs, and a chipboard tempalate I made for cutting the paper I use when making the dividers and punching the holes.

So there you have it, a few different ideas for using our 6x8 Designer Binders to help in your planning and organization!