July 2018 Blog Posts

Hi Friends! Jana Eubank here with a new page using the Good Vibes collection.

My daughters have developed a new summer tradition of spending an afternoon together painting wood boxes that they call "Treasure Boxes." Throughout the coming year, they place mementos into their boxes as they go on vacations, or gather things that are important to them in their daily lives. 

The 6x8 Pads have become a favorite of mine for fussy cutting large elements for my scrapbook pages. Here I placed a large floral in the upper left corner of the page. I used a Black Glaze Pen to add a bit of shimmer to the flower centers, and even accented a few of them with black gems from my stash.

For the title, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out a phrase. The original phrase said "Friends are a Treasure." I cut off the word "friends" and then used pink letter stickers to replace it with the word "sisters."

The flowers on this layout follow a diagonal line through the page from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. I used a chipboard element with flowers on the top left corner of the horizontal photo, along with a sprinkling of heart die cuts, to help connect the diagonal through the photos. The flowers in the bottom right corner of the page were fussy-cut from one of the cards on the 4x6 Horizontal Elements paper.

Two strips of patterned paper along the left side of the page, anchor the design and tie all of the colors together.

Next time your family members are hanging out together chatting around the table grab a few shots with your camera and create a page about their relationship.  You will be so glad that you did!


Hey there creative friends! Welcome back to the Simple Stories blog. Leah here with you today showing
you a glimpse into how I’m using my traveler’s notebook to help keep my brain organized during the
chaos of moving house. What I love about using a traveler’s notebook (a.k.a. a TN) during busy times like
this is how portable and customizable it is. When running around the house packing, or out running
errands, I can easily carry it with me and open it up to jot down a quick reminder or list before I forget.
I used the Good Vibes collection to decorate the projects in my TN that I’m about to share with you. The
vibrant colors and sentiments to remind me to keep up the good vibes are exactly what I need to see
throughout these next few weeks until the move is over.
I’m currently only using three inserts in this TN. I want to keep the bare minimum of what I need in here
so I don’t get overwhelmed and can easily find where I need to go when I open up a notebook. I’ve got a
monthly calendar insert where I have several lists and reminders listed on the monthly intro page. For
example, I made a list of accounts I need to change addresses for, and then because I am a list addict, I
made a list of lists I need to make before the move. I can’t help myself! There’s so much to do and keep
track of during a move.
Also in this monthly insert, I decorated the July monthly spread with lots (and I do mean lots) of stickers.
I actually challenged myself to see just how many stickers I could use up from the Good Vibes pack of
4x6 sticker sheets. You know how it is when you need a good dose of creative fun to procrastinate the
heck out of what you’re supposed to be doing. Well sticker explosion happened this time (#noregrets).
Having a monthly view in my planner right now is crucial because it lets me visually see exactly how
much time I have before the move and plan out how I’m going to fit everything I need to get done into
that time frame. I also have a daily insert in this TN that I can use to expand on each day’s tasks into
more detail. For example, if I write “pack bedroom” on the monthly spread, then on the daily planning
page, I can write out a more detailed list of the areas within the room that need to be tackled.
Most importantly (to me), I designated an entire insert in this TN to my plethora of moving-related lists.
I know for a fact I will use up this notebook during this move. I’m listing out everything I can to get as
much info out of my head as possible so I’m less stressed. I’ve got an expanded list of all the accounts
and places I need to change our address for, things I need to buy for the new house as soon as possible,
things I want to buy for the house eventually, things I’ve seen while online shopping that I can’t afford
but want to remember to pin to my “Dream Home” Pinterest board…a list of zones within the house
that need to be packed, a list of general to-dos. You get the drift. Lots of lists, and some notes too. I
wrote my new address down in here and a few other important details that I need to reference often.
Also to help me keep important documents organized during the move, I’m using this clear document
storage pouch (I think I purchased from Amazon a long time ago). I’m stashing documents in here that
don’t fit or have a place in my TN, such as forms that need to be filled out and mailed, my lease
agreement, printed confirmation and/or account details, a move-out cleaning checklist for our current
apartment, and a few other miscellaneous files. The pouch is clear so I dressed it up to coordinate with
my TN, but also so that none of my private information is visible. I cut down a couple of my favorite
12x12 papers from the Good Vibes collection and used a non-permanent, double-sided adhesive tape to
secure them to the inside of the front and back of the pouch.
For the most part right now, I am exclusively using this TN and document keeper to keep me organized
and sane throughout my upcoming move. Moving can certainly be stressful, but it really does help to
keep your thoughts and important moving-related information organized and in one place. I also tried a
new thing called “starting early” so I don’t have to worry about getting everything done at the last
minute. This is very unfamiliar territory for me, but I’m going to embrace it and thank my pretty planner
for helping me get stuff done. I’ll report back about how I survived on my Instagram in a couple of
Until next time creative souls, happy crafting (and list-making)!


Hi crafty friends!  It's Traci, back to share my latest SN@P! album using the fantastic Good Vibes collection.  I've been looking for a fun, colorful, perfect for everyday photos, kind of collection to use for a new family album.  This one is perfect!

Although I use 12x12 papers in most of my albums, I always get the 6x8 paper pads too.  I love them for the smaller print, and for the phrase and title pages like the one above.
I was so happy that the bright teal, pink, and yellow looked so good with my photos!  I can't turn the pages of this album without smiling and feeling happy.
I used lots of embellishments throughout this album, including stickers, chipboard accents, and bits & pieces die cuts.  Isn't that little polish bottle adorable??
Like the cute die cut says, "choose happy"!  And until my next post, I'm wishing you "good vibes, everyday, all day long".  Thanks for stopping by!


Hi friends and happy Friday to you! Linsey here today sharing my latest altered project and I hope you enjoy it! The new Crafty Girl collection is amongst my most favorite to date! It covers everything from scrapbooking and stamping to knitting, crochet, sewing, sketch art and even planning! Trust me, this collection is a must have for all makers alike! Take a look and see what I created with the awesome Crafty Girl collection! 



As you can see, I did something different with each of my paintbrushes. After painting them with several layers of white gesso, they are now ready to decorate! The narrow brush seemed a perfect shape for building my very own "crafty girl" upon, so that's what I did. She is so stylish with her one-of-a-kind custom outfit made from Combo Stickers and accessories to match! No crafty girl is complete without her tote and favorite beverage! 



A bit of sparkle was added to crafty girls hair tie and washi belt with mini gems. She even wears a pair of cute pink enamel dot earrings. 



The wider brush was a great base panel to build a crafty scene upon. I think it would make a great gift for a crafty friend! How about you?



I hope you like my altered crafty girl paintbrushes and I hope you've been inspired to make something fabulous with this dynamite Simple Stories collection too! Have a great day and until next time, happy crafting! 



Hello Planner Girls. I am thrilled to use the new Monthly TN insert. I am using the Good Vibes Collection for my TN set up. This collection goes really well with the new Cream Dot TN.
The first thing I like to do when setting up my TN is to create insert covers. The front cover is usually the main focus when I open my TN. It was a little tough choosing the perfect pattern for my front insert since I like all the designs that came with this collection. I decided to go with the color wash pattern.
Even though the color wash pattern paper is good enough by itself, I didn't want to just leave it like that, so I added washi tapes on the top and bottom border. I fussy cut the clipboard with the word "Carpe Diem" from the 4x4 element paper. I then layered it with some die cuts from the bits & pieces.
 It was fun and super easy decorating my TN pockets since everything matches the color wash pattern paper I used to create my front cover. I used combination of chipboards stickers and bits & pieces to stuff my pockets. As always, I used washi tape to help the pieces stay in place.
 I never glue the cover permanently to the insert so I can remove it. I will use this same Monthly insert for my future set up with the new theme. I can change themes as much as I want but still use the same Monthly insert.
My love for creating Monthly layout continues. July monthly layout is full of fun rich colors.
 Are you guys stoke about the new stamps? You guys will love these stamps. They are made for us planner addicts.
I was not a huge fan of stamps at first because I didn't really know how but I kept buying them. I finally decided to use the stamps I bought and the more I use them the more I got better at stamping. So don't be discouraged when using stamps, just keep practicing and you will eventually get better at it.
 Here is another cover I created. It's very simple but I like it.
There are so many wonderful and exciting new products that are being release for Carpe Diem and Simple Stories this summer. Which product are you most thrilled about? 


Hello! It's Jennifer on the blog today to share a layout I created with the gorgeous Bloom collection! There is so much to love with this line; from the floral prints to the pastel colors contrasted with pops of black!  I  "stole" a photo from my daughter's Instagram that I  thought would be perfect to use with Bloom (even her dress matches the fun florals!). For my background, I cut the black dots from Everyday Counts and paired it with the tiny flowers of the B side of the 4x6 Elements.

​I used the beautiful black floral chipboard "Bloom" letters from the 6x12 Chipboard Sheet.  It makes for a perfect title for my page plus it stands out agains the lighter background. 

​I  cut apart some of the 3x4 Elements to layer under my photo such as this blue ledger print. I  then use coordinating embellishments if I want to cover up what is printed on the card.  I  love to layer little floral clusters from the Bits and Pieces as well as add in popped up coordinating stickers. 

​How cute is this pink ledger 3x4 Element with a black dotted heart? I  knew wanted to have this accent my photo (I  love ledger print!). I  layered a floral tab fro the Combo Sticker Sheet underneath the edge as well as added a small chipboard flower. 

One of my all time favorite embellishments are the 4x6 Sticker Sheets!  There are so many cute, small accent pieces you can find such as this typed sentiment sticker. Also, one of the sheets has decorative strips of patterned perfect to layer under cards or photos! 

​And what collection wouldn't be complete without a banner sticker? I  love to add these to the bottom or corner of my photos.  The "tassel" pennants are an adorable addition to the banner along with accent flowers! 

Thank you for stopping by the blog today! Check out the Bloom collection in its entirety by going to the Products page! And don't forget to see what Simple Stories has coming up later this year!  Have a great day!


Hi everyone! Tara here with Secretbees Studio  I am always changing up my office and looking for fun and happy supplies and organizers to brighten my space. I have been searching for a new desk organizer but haven't been able to find the perfect one so I just decided to make my own! 

With it's vibrant colors and dazzling array of patterns, The Simple Stories 'Good Vibes' paper collection was the ideal way to add color and charm to my desk. I used medium weight chipboard for the organizer and gave it plenty of compartments to hold supplies. Mine measures 6.5" square which made it easy to cut the patterned papers to fit the compartments. Polka dots are one of my favorites and between the 12x12 papers and the 6x8 pad, there was enough to cover all of the inside areas. For the larger outsides, I mixed up the patterns and used some of the fun floral designs! 

To really make the bright colors pop, I then added a strip of the bold black and white aztec print around the bottom edge and used the smaller sized matching washi tape to accent the tops of the dividers. Then, using a combination of the bits & pieces, chipboard and combo stickers along with the 4x6 stickers pad, I embellished and decorated as many of the outside areas as I could for the cutest organizer around! 

I didn't stop there though! I jot down notes and ideas all the time on post it notes so I made a holder for those as well. Using a youTube tutorial and more of the awesomely delightful paper, I created this small box that holds my sticky notes perfectly! Of course, I had to embellish it as well with the stickers and chipboard! I love that the 'Good Vibes' chipboard fit so well on the top- looks great! 

I also made a small notebook with the collection, adding a 3x4 element card and a couple of stickers to the front, and covered some wooden pencils to match! Now I have a seriously cute organizer and paper holder that makes me and my desk very happy!! 


Hello friends! Florence back here sharing you my Summer Bucketlist. I thought it would be fun to use my travelers notebook so it’s very on the go friendly. I love cutting paper down so I can bring them with me in my craft bag wherever I go. So when I have some downtime or even just at a coffee shop I’ll take them out and work on a layout/ journal entry. 

One thing I wanted to do was use a free printable that’s available on the Simple Stories site. I then opened it up in adobe reader to add text to it. It was a simple quick way to create my summer travel bucket list and to do a fun “currently” list! Have you ever done one before? If not, get one here!

I recently went to Las Vegas on a road trip from Arizona and thought it would be fun to document and journal in my TN. I love using simple stories inserts and adding scrapbook paper to add pops of color. 

I travel A LOT. More than the normal human being so no judgment on the places I’d like to go by the end of summer right?! I live in California so many of these are California based :) 

As the summer goes on I will add a floral sticker next to the entry I completed. Where’s my next adventure? I’ll be going to Los Angeles this weekend! Let’s hope the heat wave is long gone :) I hope this inspires you to create a Summer Travel bucketlist of your own!! I’m ready to go to the beach!

Until the next adventure!

Florence Antonette