June 2016 Blog Posts

Hello everyone! Leah here again, ready to show you how I have decorated my planner for July using the Hero Simple Set! The Fourth of July is one of my FAVORITE holidays. I try to remember to be grateful every day, but on this holiday especially, I am reminded of the strong appreciation I have for how far we have come as a nation, for all the people who have brought us here, and the heroes that continue to protect our freedom every day. I love all the traditions we have to celebrate this holiday… spending time with family, enjoying the summer weather, the fireworks and sparklers, the cookouts! The sense of celebration and patriotism really brings the American people closer together, even during times when the nation has felt the most divided. Because the month of July always makes me feel extra Patriotic, I decided to use the Hero Simple Set to add some U.S.A. themed décor to my planner!

One of my favorite papers in the Hero collection kit is the one titled “Brave.” I love the shadow of the Continental U.S. map in the background. I wanted to find a way to incorporate this page into my planner so I decided to cut it in half and create a two-page decorative “dashboard” for the month of July. I chose to highlight the map by tracing all the states with a stitched white line, using a white Uni-Ball Signo gel pen. I really love the sewn effect it created!

To dress up the left page, I started with a red watercolor cardstock tag that I picked up in a pack at Michaels awhile back. I layered different colored paper strips and word phrases from the Hero 12x12 papers (using the title strips that many people trim off and throw away). I added a chipboard sticker from the Sunshine and Happiness collection (the girl with sunglasses) to make the page feel more fun and summery. I also added a gold glitter chipboard star I had in my stash (from Michaels), and used the white gel pen to draw in more of the white stitched lines.

At the top of the page, I added a title using a few more items from my craft stash. The yellow frames around the words are cut out of a card from the Life in Color SN@P! Pack. The letter stickers that spell out “America the Beautiful” are from the Sunshine and Happiness 12x12 Expressions cardstock sticker sheet. I added a couple small pieces of gold glitter washi tape, red-and-white string, and a sticker from the Hero 6x12 Fundamental Stickers sheet.

On the right side of my July dashboard, I used a blue watercolor tag as a base and added strips of yellow and gold glitter washi tape. I cut out the words from a 12x12 Elements sheet and arranged them how I wanted on the tag. I added some star stickers from the Fundamentals Sticker sheet and tied red-and-white string to the tag. I laid out the string how I wanted it on the page and then glued it in place.

The “July 2016” at the top of the page was created using more letter and number stickers from the Sunshine and Happiness 12x12 Expressions Sticker sheet. I also added more star stickers from the Hero sticker sheet and a wood veneer star from my stash (from the Life and Color collection).

For my July monthly layout, I used a 3-inch circle punch and banner punch to cut out a few shapes from the 12x12 papers in the Kit. All of the other pieces are cut out of the 12x12 Elements sheets or are stickers from the 6x12 sticker sheets.

Some more layered paper strips and words are in the center – I arranged them in a way that reminds me of a firework.  In the bottom right corner, I used another blue watercolor tag and added a red United States sticker from the Fundamentals sticker sheet, blue glitter washi tape and some words printed using my label maker. I put the white star sticker over VA since that’s my home! I used a marker to draw a stitched line around the edge of the tag and added some red string for a finishing touch.

My favorite part of this whole layout is the part with the red plane sticker. I got the idea to use the red-and-white string to create a flight path that ends with a blue star sticker, which is supposed to represent a “destination.” Using my label maker, I typed out the words “My love spans across the miles.” This part of the layout has special meaning to me because it reminds me of all the love my dad expressed across the miles during his many deployments as I was growing up.

I loved making my planner Patriotic for July! It can be so fun to let yourself run away with a theme in your layouts! I may have also gone a little crazy in the Target dollar spot and bought a few red, white and blue sticky notes and pens to use in my planner as well…

Happy Independence Day everyone!



Hello crafters! It’s me, Stacy here today with 2 layouts using the Bloom & Grow Collection! This collection has taken my breath away with the gorgeous colors and elements!

For the first layout, it came together pretty quickly. It must be the fastest layout I have completed so far! The idea was generated from one of the pattern paper in the collection – 2x12, 4x12 & 6x12 Elements. I am in awe with the cross stitched element, and being an avid book binder, stitching is my absolute favourite thing to do! The picture in this layout was a recent photo of me and my handmade clay bead necklace. It tells me how much I loved making handmade items, and I wanted to document this!

I added the cross stitch title “Love” directly to the background of this layout.

Topping up layers onto the layout is simple! I used some elements from the Bits & Pieces pack, including the sun, gnome, flowers, circular leaf, bird and bird cage. Instead of using the circular leaf element as a note card, I did some fussy cutting to eliminate the white areas and used it as a layering element. I have also die-cut some flowers and leaves to layer below the bird. There are also many elements in the 4x6 sticker pack! I used some phrases in this layout as well. 

I sewed 3 pieces of pattern paper on the background, in order to highlight the 2 photos. Then, I added some floral die-cuts topped with the adhesive brads. Of course, the main highlight must be the gnomes!

Next, the cross stitch of the letters LOVE. I love the blend of the cross stitch with the floral elements! Lastly, I covered the photos and sprinkled some mists randomly across the layout.


On the second layout, I decided to use some photos which I found from some old photo album. This is one of my favourite childhood photos taken by my grandfather, and it showed me how innocent and carefree I was then.

I call this layout “Lovely Blooms”.

For this layout, I sewed some rosette looking circle elements using blanket stitch as a highlight. I varied the sizes used across the entire page, inspired by the blooms in this collection. 

The title is sewn onto the layout. I love the cursive font used. These pieces can be found the Bits & Pieces pack. Totally useful pieces! Here and there I have used some enamel dots from the same collection. Enamel dots are small pieces which help to highlight important portions of the layout!

Here’s a closer look with the stitched rosette element and topped with the adhesive brads. They look so pretty! I have also diecut some leaf pieces and twigs as background to highlight the main element – the gnome! I am totally in love with these gnomes! Ain’t they cute!

Here’s a look at the layering of the other side of the layout. The layering of the mushroom pieces gave me much joy! Love how the greens work so well with the elements! There is another of the stitched rosette piece which I added the adhesive brads to. I am just too hooked on it!

There is much joy associated with this layout. I like how the nature elements complement with the photo!

Hope you enjoyed these layouts and get some inspiration! Thanks for stopping by today!



Good morning! Brenda Smith here with you today and I am so excited because I have in my hot little hands a gorgeous ballerina pink Carpe Diem planner. First, look at the new pocket set up (for The Reset Girl planners only)!

The window is perfectly-sized for peek-a-boo 3x4 cards. This card came included with The Reset Girl boxed set but any 3x4 card you have in your stash (or one you make yourself) will work. 

Because The Reset girl dashboards and dividers and accessories are all very motivational and encouraging toward achieving goals, I decided to set up this planner as my creative goals planner. I used this monthly log page to set myself some very basic goals that I can check off as the month goes by. When the month is over, I'll fill out that circle with a pie chart of how I spent my time. 

On my goal tracker (one included in TRG boxed set for each month of the year), I set up a more broad goal and am keeping track of how often I achieve that goal throughout the month. 

Not many know this about me, but I did some graphic design stuff several years ago when I first started college. I've been yearning to get back to designing, so I am setting goals to make myself get back into it. This is a pocket insert that I'm using to hold some little bits and pieces that I've found on Pinterest and elsewhere. 

I have a theme in mind and chose a color scheme and then imagery or composition that sparked an idea. I also found some simple sayings or phrases that would fit well with my theme. 

I tried out the new 140 GSM vertical weekly inserts and they are AMAZING! They are relatively colorless with only a light grey and black so they can be fully customizable to your needs. And the paper weight is just everything I had hoped for and more. The past CD inserts had some ghosting problems, but I am happy to report that my trusty old Versafine Onyx Black does not show through on the other side of the insert! And do you spy those peach floral and black WASHI TAPES?! Hooray! 

The sheer number of coordinating sticker packs for this line had me so excited to add more and more and more to this page. I think The Reset Girl and the Planner Essentials roller stamps have quickly gone to top the list of my favorite roller stamps. They're just so versatile and usable and exactly the right size for planners and pocket pages, my two favorites. 

The new planners & accessories will be shipping to retailers late July, early August. The quality of the binder and the rings and the weight of the inserts and the dashboards/dividers is absolutely impeccable and you can believe that I'll be rounding out my planner collection with more of the gorgeous colors available. 


There is nothing better than stealing your sister away, for a day of exploring and family fun.  We live 4 hours from each other and don't get to see each other often.  The bright pinks and yellows in the Sunshine & Happiness collection, help make this cold, drizzly day in Bar Harbor, Maine a little brighter.   I knew they fresh 'girl' head had to play a role somewhere.  'She' is how this entire layout got started!  She is on stickers, cards, chipboard, everywhere!!!
I loved the 6x12 section of the elements paper that says "there are so many beautiful...."  I used that as half of my page!  I focused on the lower right corner of 'Total Crush' too!
Using such large and intricate papers made my layout come together rather quickly.   Lets take a look at the smaller details.
I embellished the corner of the patterned paper with stickers, brands and enamels for dimension.
The cloud and sun came from the SN@P! Pack.   It was a 4x4 card that I fussy cut.  Because it was a dreary day, I removed the sun and tucked it further behind the cloud.  I didn't want it to come off as a really sunny day!
I added a bit of SN@P! Pack 3x4  and 4x4 cards as layers behind my photo too.  
I hope you have your inspired to used the larger sheets of patterned paper to your advantage!
Traditionally I am not a bird fan.  We have a pool so bird poop is not cool - LOL!  However, when a mama bird builds a nest on a grapevine wreath on your shed door, you treat them like your own.  I watched these babies go from eggs to flying away in just 3 short weeks.  I checked on them a minimum of 4 times a day.  Every time I looked, they changed.  It is amazing how quickly they morph from little raw turkey looking things to feathery birds!  I was really intrigued.  What better collection to document MY birds than Bloom & Grow, right?
I print my own photos through my Silhouette.  That way, I  can print the size and shape I want.  
Obviously the chipboard and sticker birds had to play a role in my layout but so did the gnomes.  They serve no purpose here, other than being so darn cute!  
I layered mushrooms, birdhouse and an umbrella!! I felt like my little vignettes needed some sort of grounding as opposed to just floating on my page, so I trimmed a strip of green paper to replicate grass.
Look how tiny my baby birds started out.  I am glad children don't grow that fast!
Thank you for stopping by.  I can not wait to see how you create with this collection.



Hello there! Allie here today, and I have two new layouts to share with you today, using the two newest collections--Sunshine & Happiness and Bloom & Grow.

For the first layout, I used Bloom & Grow to create a quilt pattern across the page. I was inspired by this image on Pinterest!


To create the quilt pieces, I used a square punch and cut them in half from corner to corner. I started in the middle, and just copied the quilt design until my background was complete. I stitched the triangles down to add to the quilt look, and give dimension to my page. Once I was done with the background, I added my photos, title, and embellishments!


For my second layout, my goal was to mix Sunshine & Happiness with You Are Here!

I cut strips from the patterned papers of both collections, and varied them in size and length. I arranged them on my page, and then sewed them down. I left the ends of the thread dangling for a messier look. The theme of the page was Disneyland, so I kept the colors bright and cheery. I used the You Are Here! frames for my photos, as well as a cute phrase from Sunshine & Happiness.


 I loved the travel themed wood veneers, and added them to my page. The colors from the two collections coordinate so well!

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you are having a great summer and that you feel inspired to create!


Hello Friends, It’s Kristine Davidson with you today.  I am going to show you 2 of my latest layouts created using the new Bloom & Grow Collection.  This collection is super cute and fun.  Imagine little gnomes in the garden, or flying a kite.   I love the navy blue with a touch of yellow and red in this collection. I really couldn't wait to use it.

The first layout I'll be sharing is called " Bloom & Grow "

My mother is a great gardener and her thumbs are certainly green!  She does an amazing job at planters, her garden beds and has a way to make her garden look amazing. My dad certainly helps her out but it's mostly done by my mom. This layout is just to showcase some of my mom's garden and her love for greenery.

I created this page similar to a pocket page page. It's not in a page protector but it is on a piece of cardstock. I cut out the 3x4 cards in the SN@P! Pack and trimmed them to 2.75x3.75 just to leave enough white space between cards and pictures.

This little SN@P! Pack has everything you need to create a page similar to this. Of course you can add extras with the Expressions and Fundamentals Stickers. You can add or use as little as you wish based on your photos. If you aren't into pocket page scrapbooking why not try this form of layout? You can add several pictures and of course lots of color to these pages.

I love creating dimensional images on my pages and this was no exception. I added foam adhesive in the back of the photos to bring them out a bit from the pattern papers that are around it. It just makes the image pop a bit.

You can see again in this picture how the photos are elevated as well as some stickers. You can also do this on a layout. Instead of having your picture flat on the paper why not add some dimensional adhesive to make it stand out from the rest.


My Second layout for you today is called "Let's Play Outside"

This photo was perfect for this paper. Don't you love that when it happens? It just fits!  I also like that his tshirt says Play ;) Nope that wasn't planned!

I wanted to create layers and a fun page using some cute chipboard pieces and of course little Gnomes. OMG aren't those cute or what?! Some find them spooky and I must admit I don't think I would have them in my garden, but on a scrapbook page I'm all for it !

I added sewing to this layout and of course a cluster of embellishments on the left of the photo.  This doesn't distract from the photo and adds lots of dimension and texture to my page. I wanted to add several pieces of paper so I created a circle and added another smaller sized circle on top of it to create a border around it.  I again added foam adhesive to my photo to make it pop off the page a bit and placed some of the bits & pieces under it to create dimension.

The title I created using a silhouette cut file " play" and the alphas from the Expressions Sticker Sheet. You could add more alphas instead of a cut file but I think this looks great and matches the page quite well.

Here is a close up of the layout. You can see I used some chipboard pieces and layered them on top of one another. I also created some journal strips instead of a journal block.  Aren't these colors so fun together ?  

I hope you enjoyed my layouts today and enjoy making your own layouts with this fabulous collection! If you are interested in seeing more of my work you can find me on instagram with user name @KristineDavidson. 

Thank you so much for reading and being a fan of Simple Stories!



Hello everyone ! It's Mindi here with you today. I am going to be sharing some summer themed pocket pages using the new Sunshine & Happiness collection. With it's gorgeous colors and all things summer it is simply perfect.  
It's very typical for me to leave my title cards fairly simple as i did with this one.  I ended up adding some chipboard pieces for some added depth, that is what I love about them, and the summer banner plus the dates below. I went with a mostly white card that way it didn't add to the busyness of the spread. 
Last summer we went to visit my parents for a couple of weeks. These pages span a whole week of that trip. I ended up staying with my usual weekly schedule all through out the summer with some event/theme based spreads thrown in. During our stay we visited a city pool with some of my family. The pool had a water slide that previously Noah had been too short to participate. This year when we went over to the measuring stick to check his height. The joy that came over his face when he realized he was tall enough almost made me cry. He was so excited to slide down that slide over and over again. The @ journaling card was a great choice for our pool journaling. I spelled out Pool with the letter stickers and then added the label sticker on the bottom. 
My mom is famous for her parties and get togethers. Ever since I can remember we have had parties in the backyard. A few years ago she put up what she calls " Party Lights " around the deck. We had a family get together one night and I snapped a picture of the lights. I added a little bit of journaling onto the photo before printing and then finished it off with some stickers. 
The colors in this collection are great. I used green here and there to compliment the green in my photos. Usually I am not a green fan but it worked for this spread. I also added pops of the dark pink color to tie in with the pink in my photos. I love that it draws your eye to the color. 
Since I added in lots of photos to my spread I needed a space for more journaling. I had this idea to add the chipboard letters onto the 4x6 journaling card that had the word summer on it already. I added a few of the chipboard letters onto it with my stapler for a fun look. 
I used a variety of different embellishments for this journaling card about my visit to a local soda shop. This technique is something that is so easy to do. Don't be afraid to get those bits and pieces out and play around to make a custom journaling card of your own. 
There is nothing better than white space on a photo to add some journaling and embellishments. It makes me all types of giddy. I added my journaling to the top of the photo on the left before figuring out what else I wanted to add to the photo. The story about the photo reminded me of summer joy. I went with adding the word JOY to the top of the journaling. 
I have really enjoying reliving a few of our summer memories from last year while putting these pages together. I wish you all a fabulous rest of your summer and thank you for visiting the blog today. Now go out and get those summer memories scrapped. 


Hello again Simple Stories fans! Chantalle with you today to share some pages I have created using the beautiful Heart and Sunshine & Happiness collections. Both use a similar design, playing on a centred focal point, either vertically or horizontally. 
Hello Love
Heart has so many beautiful and truly touching sentiments to remember those we have loved and lost. But it also has some hoard-worthy patterns, like the dotty and starry ‘Love You’ and this dreamy watercolour which is the b-side of Forever in my Heart.
If you love clustering elements this is a great design to try, as you can pack a punch with lots of bits and pieces. Having them all in a similar place along with a simple colour palette adds uniformity to this page as well.
The diamond shapes have been cut out from a sheet of Heart Elements #2. I really wanted to bring in some of the deeper shades in the collection as they complimented the photo of my hubby and I on our 11 year anniversary last year. I liked the diamond shapes as they could easily be applied down the length of the page as well as cut in half and spaced out a bit if I needed to fill a bit of extra white space.
The wood veneer part of the title has been given a twinkle of Wink of Stella. This photo does it absolutely no justice I’m afraid. If you own one of these awesome little brush pens then you know how much they rock! If you don’t have one, it’s definitely worth investing in one. They add some a gorgeous sparkle and if you buy a clear shade you can pop it over the top of just about anything for a little extra sparkle.
The little frames I added on almost at the end. I wanted to add a bit more dimension and I think they worked with the harder lines of the square photo and the diamond shapes. A couple of mist drops and my fave enamel dots finish the page off.
#5032 Life in Color Stickers
#5041 Life in Color Wood Veneer
#5038 Life in Color Chipboard Frames
#7231 Sunshine & Happiness Enamel Dots
The title of this page just says it all - HAPPY! My kiddos are absolutely beaming as they fly though the surf on their bodyboards. Continuing with a central theme, I have printed the photo out splitting it across three seperate boxes. I think it gives the photo a great sense of movement and is especially suited to the image where they start to split up as they reach the end of their ride. Sunshine & Happiness is perfect, set on some totally awesome Sn@p Basics ‘Cedar’. If you are a woodgrain fan like me, you NEED to grab yourself a pack of these basics today!
Summer memories are made of this! There are so many things to love about Sn@p! Packs…. one of them is that you get a couple of extra little die cuts, like this banner shape. So cute and just the right size for any project!
This layout uses mostly a combination of die cuts and stickers. I’ve used the 12 inch stickers that can be found on most Fundamental sticker sheets. Running two strips at slightly different angles across the width of my page, they’re a springboard for the rest of the layout.
The word ‘happy’ was spelled out using die cut letters from the Sunshine & Happiness Sn@p! pack. I’ve raised them with some foam tape and set them as slightly different heights to add interest to my title.
A bit of machine stitching gives it a playful feel and adds a bit of texture.
Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today.
Happy Crafting